Sunday, July 6, 2008

Teaching technology to kindergartners

The Education World website,, displays an article by Susan Brooks, a technology facilitator and infusion lab specialist at Hickory Ridge Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee. The article explains how some kindergarten teachers are apprehensive about teaching technology. The author encourages classroom teachers to realize student's potential in technology. She understands the appropriateness of learning the simple tasks in shorter times and shares those teaching strategies in her article.

I personally can understand the resistance of wanting to teach technology. The beginning of the school year is full of so much new information for a 5 year old and you worry what all will they remember! However after the daily routine is established, there are only few limitations of what basic technology skills a 5 year old can learn. Our students need to be exposed early to technology in order to strengthen a foundation for the spiraling technology standards.

The website has many links to other helpful places like learning games for students and a information world message board for teachers to post and read others comments. I found this information very helpful and I recommend other kindergarten teachers to read and check out the educational games.

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